LifeTrax – Helping You Get Back to Life!

LifeTrax – Helping You Get Back to Life!

What is LifeTrax?

LifeTrax is the O & P industries most advanced gait lab in Memphis and the Mid-South area. This facility houses a multi-terrain park that includes rock, sand, gravel pits, grass surfaces, ramps, stairs, and more features such as golf simulators, a rock-climbing wall, and exercise equipment. LifeTrax also has the most technologically advanced gait analysis system in the Mid-South. The Zeno Walkway by Protokinetics is a pressure sensor mat with over 60,000 sensors that allow Wolfchase Limb and Brace practitioners to analyze their clients’ gait such as, weight shift, stride length, and pressure points.

Who is LifeTrax For?

LifeTrax is for everyone! Even if you are not one of our patients, the practitioners at Wolfchase Limb & Brace will perform a safety check on your device to ensure quality and dependable fit and it’s FREE of CHARGE! LifeTrax is also open to Physical and Occupational therapists. All you need to do is schedule a time, by calling our office at 901-507-7821.

LifeTrax is also open to therapists in the area. If you are a Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist and you would like to use this facility, call our office at 901-507-7821 to schedule a visit. Remember, this facility is free of charge.

Where is LifeTrax Located?

LifeTrax is located in a facility right next door to Wolfchase Limb & Brace in Memphis, TN. Once your device is fit, a short walk next door will allow you to utilize your device in a “real world” setting. During this time, our practitioners will be able to make adjustments based on your feedback to make the device your own.

LifeTrax Mural

Golf Simulator

Rock Climbing Wall

Rock, Sand, & Gravel Pits