Frequently Asked Questions

At Wolfchase Limb & Brace, we would like to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Answering your questions is one of the steps we take to make this possible. If for some reason, we don’t answer your question, please feel free to submit your questions using the form below, or calling our offices at 1-888-965-3242.

Q: I am an amputee patient, will my insurance cover the cost of my prosthetic?
A: In most cases, Yes! We will need to verify with your insurance company to give you a final answer.

Q: I am an amputee, how long will it take to receive a new prosthesis?
A: In some cases, we are able to deliver your new prosthetic device the same day. We generally try to deliver a new prosthetic no more than 1 week from initial evaluation.

Q: I want to make an appointment for evaluation, what should I bring with me to make the process smooth?
A: Patients should bring picture identification, all insurance cards, and prescriptions. Patients should always wear accessible clothing to an appointment.

Q: What insurance providers do you accept?
A: The easier question is which insurance provider do we not accept. Wolfchase Limb & Brace accepts almost all insurance, including Medicare, TennCare, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, and a whole lot more. Call us to see if your insurance is accepted.

Q: Where is your office located?
A: We currently have 2 offices in the Tennessee area:
Our Memphis office is conveniently located on Highway 64 in Memphis, TN, between Appling and Kate Bond Rd (before you get to Germantown PKWY). Click here for Map.

Our Jackson office is conveniently located on Vann Dr. in Jackson, TN, between Highland Ave. and the 45 By-Pass. Click here for Map.

Q: Do you have in house fabrication available?
A: Yes, we do have fabrication available. In fact, most of our custom molded inserts, above the knee and below the knee prosthesis are fabricated right here in our facilities. With our in house fabrication facility, we are able to make minor and complex adjustments to items, while you wait or during the fitting process.